MP3 Players – Past, Present and Future


What is the MP3 format?

MP3 is a format which reduces the size of music files to roughly 1 tenth of a normal CD file; its does this primarily by cutting out frequencies the human ear cannot hear. The sound quality suffers when such a compression in file size is made, but many listeners think this is a worthwhile cost to pay to have greater accessibility to their music collection. The MP3 format was made popular on the internet since the small size of its files made downloading tunes easier.

MP3 Players

The first MP3 player, the MPMan F10, was created by South Korean company SaeHan Information Systems in 1997 and could hold 32 Meg (about ¾ of a CD). This has vastly improved over the years as MP3’s popularity increased. Mp3 players are now firmly in the mainstream with landmark products such as the iPod, and Mp3 players on the market today are capable of holding 160 gigabytes, holding literally hundreds of albums and videos.

As a result of so much music on your Mp3 player, finding a tune can be problematic, so programmes and techniques have sprung up to help you listen to the music you love. Many people use iTunes or a media library tool such as mediamonkey to organise their tracks into play-lists. Also you can “tag” you music so if you are looking for certain genres, such as rock, jazz or classical, you can quickly and easily browse through the appropriate tunes. Tags are limited only by your imagination; some people label their music by concepts such as emotion, colour or location.

A problem with so many Mp3s may be they play at varying volumes due to coming from lots of different sources, causing you to change the volume continuously whilst listening to your tunes; for this online tools such as will help normalise (make same volume) your music collection.

Putting MP3’s on your player

If you’re looking for new MP3’s there are lots of sites around that will help you find your next favourite tune; the classic has reviews and options for you to buy; the new site is a great tool to search, download and listen to MP3s on the web. is also a great place to search for new music you like by typing in your favourite artists and browsing through tunes it thinks are similar.

You can also convert your old records and CDs to MP3’s so you can listen to them on the move, there are various tools available for this including the entirely online resource at Media-Convert.

MP3 Player Accessories

It’s worth upgrading your headphones when you buy an MP3 Player; the ones packaged with most players are of poor quality. It’s also worth buying or considering batteries when selecting your Mp3 player; some manage a pitiful 8 hours but with large capacity, whilst others could last 20 hours plus; perfect for travellers.

Companies have started thinking of ideas of using MP3 players other than a traditional player; MP3 players are now appearing in washing machines and guitar shaped toys to help shape your air guitar fantasies, also more integration with mobile phones and personal organisers such as the hotly tipped iPhone.

Have Mp3s Changed How we Listen to Music?

We now as a consumer of music have more access to different music than we have ever had before; almost anyone can make music and upload it for the world to listen to. As such we have exposure to a lot more new music these days if desired; before the internet and Mp3s the only way this would have been through the radio. Listening habits have changed; less people now listen to albums in sequence; “random” play-lists exist scanning through the entire music library and “tags” exist for your tunes which help play all those tracks in your collection that are in a particular style.

As such the focus of selling tunes has moved more to buying individual tracks rather than buying albums. Even the process of buying albums has changed; across the country CD shops are closing down as more and more people buy their music online. iTunes passed its 3 billionth download in the summer of 2007 and the rate of downloads is increasing.

More people these days listen to music of less quality; the music industry peaked at the advent of CDs in reaching the limit of human perception; CDs essentially cannot be improved upon. Paradoxically, the growth area of music formats now are those which are actually inferior to the formats of the past; although only Hi-Fi freaks with expensive gear may be the only ones able to tell the difference between a high bit-rate MP3 and a CD track.

The Future?

At the moment mp3 players are moving to flash drives rather than hard drives to store their information, this promises smaller, faster and quieter operation for future Mp3 players. Looking further ahead, Mp3 players may eventually merge and become more integrated with all media so that one device will play your music, your video, be a digital camera and enable internet surfing on the move. The music quality should increase until it re approaches that of CDs. Voice recognition software should make it easier to interface with your music, with Bluetooth facilities meaning you’ll be able to interface with your PC and other users quickly; there is talk of a peer-to-peer network appearing using just the players themselves connected wirelessly. Batteries may become a thing of the past as power consumption decreases and solar power is all that’s needed to keep you with music all the time.


Source by David John Martin

How Can We Drive More Traffic on A Blog Using Facebook


To stay firm in the digital world, it is necessary to gain more and more traffic for your website and even for your content.

You’re putting all your efforts and doing all necessary needs to gain traffic to your blog. Even though you are using all popular sites to promote your content, but still something is missing and you are not getting enough audience to compete the competition.

This content will give fresh ideas how to generate the traffic and get your post noticed. One such site that we are going to discuss, how to take advantage of Facebook to create more and more traffic.

Here are 8 ways to drive traffic to your blog with Facebook:

1. Vary your types of posts: When you share a blog on a regular basis, you miss out posting in the exact manner. So, try something different and post in another way, or else use simple or direct statement that can attract the audience or provide more detail in the post to highlight the main takeaways of your content and wait to see the response of the audience. To know more details how to drive traffic to your blog, then Social Media Marketing is the best option.

2. Use different types of question: To grab the attention of the audience, ask questions as this may place numerous impacts on the readers and will be wanting to know more. A hypothetical, and metaphorical question applies a new meaning to the content of the blog post, allows the reader to think about it in a new way, and need to learn more about this solution being proposed with the aid of the post’s query.

3. Interact with other pages on Facebook: Know how to connect with the business pages while using Facebook in addition to you could additionally use Facebook as your page. As you go to the small arrow at the top-right of the blue Facebook header bar, the primary option whilst you click is to “Use Facebook as:” As you select the page, the particular page of the Facebook will be seen.

4. Use experts as quotes: It is a great way to share the same articles a multiple times on Facebook without being too transparent. With the aid of pulling diverse excerpts from the article and quoting them, you can also diversify the messaging of your blog posts that may help in reach of the people having various interests.

5. Do regular recaps of blog posts: If you want to get more advantage from your blog posts, simply recap on your blog and then re-share the same recaps as Facebook posts. The advantage of doing so is to create a base camp so that people can easily view the latest news on a specific topic. SEO Services is the best to acquire knowledge on how to improve traffic to your blog.

6. Create video recaps for the post: Many viewers don’t have time to read each blog post, then one of the best options is to create a video recap of your blog post and link it to Facebook video and you post it. So that the viewers can listen while working.

7. Optimize post for SEO: Another useful method to gain traffic from the Facebook posts is to increase the post content for SEO. This means that insert some phrases as the introduction on Facebook as because most of the people search. This will drive more and more people to your blog.

8. Take advantage of boosted posts: Boosting of post is one form of advertising the Facebook, this means that it allows to boost one’s post and increase the audience. The method is very simple, click on “Boost Post” at the bottom, right side of the Facebook page. Then you can select time, budget and target.

I am certain that the above given steps will help you in upping the traffic to your blog using Facebook. Hopefully, the purpose to drive traffic to your blog post in no time will surely be fulfilled.


Source by Apoorva Aggarwal

A Feministic Study of "Wiser Than a God", A Short Story by Kate Chopin


A popular local colorist during her lifetime, Chopin is now recognized as an important figure in nineteenth-century American fiction and as a major figure in feminist literature. Born on February 8, 1851, in St. Louis, Missouri, she was the daughter of Thomas O’Flaherty, a prominent businessman, and Eliza Faris. Her best known work, The Awakening (1899), depicts a woman’s search for sexual freedom in the repressive society of the American South during the Victorian era.

Throughout her literary career, Kate Chopin, much like her fictional heroines, explored dangerous new ground. She created female characters that test the boundaries of acceptable behavior for women and explore the psychological and societal ramifications of their actions and desires. They are forced to make existential choices based on the few avenues available for them to create and maintain autonomous identities outside of wife and mother in the late nineteenth-century American South. Chopin’s protagonists attempt to physically or spiritually transcend these limitations but often meet with crushing results. Chopin does not guarantee her characters an admirable place within their society, but she portrays them with dignity and sympathy.

Kate Chopin began her writing career strikingly with the creation of a triumphant woman artist-Paula von Stolz-a character who seems to be a projection of the author’s own ambitions. “Wiser than a God,” Chopin’s first story accepted for publication, portrays the resolution of the woman artist with utter confidence. The central conflict of the story involves the dilemma Paula faces when, after the death of her mother, she receives a marriage proposal from George Brainard, a wealthy, attractive man and must choose between a comfortable, conventional marriage and the career as a concert pianist for which she has spent her entire life preparing.

This article aims to study the important feminist notions and concepts such as “marriage”, “Identity” and “Woman Figure” in the story of “Wiser than a God” based on feminist theories from Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex.

a. Marriage

Chopin introduces the institution of marriage as a choice rather than an absolute issue in a young woman’s life in an early short story, “Wiser than a God.” The story is prefaced with the ominous Latin proverb “To love and be wise is scarcely granted even to a god” (241). It is clear that in this story, love and wisdom will be mutually exclusive entities and one must choose between the two. Mary E. Papke suggests that in the story, “Chopin draws the mind/body split [….]” (38). The story centers on Paula, a beautiful young woman and extremely gifted pianist. She manages to shun romantic love in order to focus on her dream of a musical career until she meets George. George is very much in love with her and desperately wants to marry her. For the first time in her life she is conflicted about her future.

Paula begins to succumb to George’s affection: “She felt such a comfort in his strong protective nearness” (246). She refuses, however, to marry George, claiming that marriage “doesn’t enter into the purpose of my life” (249) -a shocking revelation. George does not understand Paula’s ambition and passion for her music and the role that it plays in her life. According to Martha J. Cutter, “Perhaps in the end language is simply not important-she succeeds without it. But Paula continually finds her attempts to explain her needs are not heard at all; even her mother tells her not to ‘chatter’ (243). Paula attempts to explain to him how important it is to her and asks him, “Can’t you feel that with me, it courses with the blood through my veins? That it’s something dearer than life, than riches, even than love?”(249). George is taken aback by her fervent declaration and answers, “Paula, listen to me; don’t speak like a mad woman” (249). It is clear that George represents societal views on marriage, and that Paula’s depiction, is based on her sharp realization that she will lose herself if she becomes George’s wife.

Although she does not marry George, Paula’s assertion that, had she married him, she would have been expected to give up her music, is proven correct with the woman he eventually does wed. Although his new wife had been an avid dancer, she “abandoned Virginia break-downs as incompatible with the serious offices of wifehood and matrimony” (250). As much as this woman was expected to give up her love of dancing, Paula would have been expected to give up her music. Here, the author points out the irony of marriage. Instead of the role of wife conveying merely social and familial woman marries, will be the defining and only identity she will have ever again. According to Papke, “Paula [….] chooses to follow the purpose of her life though she be deemed a ‘mad woman’ by George and his type, to position herself in a state of insanity. By the conclusion, it is clear that the author believes Paula to be wiser than a god” (39). Paula, however, does sacrifice deeply. She lives solely by her intellectual, rational side, effectively ignoring the desires of her heart and body.

b. Identity

“Wiser than a God,” Chopin’s first story accepted for publication, portrays the resolution of the woman artist with utter confidence (Toth 2). The initial part of the story brings up some general facts and information about Paula’s character as an artist who adores music.

These clues from the very beginning demonstrate the fact that music is merged with Paula’s character and has granted an identity to her. It’s obvious that by music she could display herself, and she could catch the attention of people around – whether in a party, in a society or in a town. These magnificent abilities could support Paula and distinguish her from the girls who lack this talent.

It is worth noticing that from the very first lines of the story, Chopin has also introduced music as a character along with Paula. Music is the soul that lives within Paula’s body. In this way Chopin illustrates both music and Paula as central and significant matters in the tale.

The central conflict of the story involves the dilemma Paula faces when, after the death of her mother, she receives a marriage proposal from George Brainard, a wealthy, attractive man and must choose between a comfortable, conventional marriage and the career as a concert pianist for which she has spent her entire life preparing. Here Gorge’s occurrence makes Paula to think of amity, affection and relation with an opposite sex. Therefore Paula at some moments after becoming familiar with George describes him as a handsome gentleman and compares him to other males that she is in relation; and approves that George is superior to them in look and appearance “He was so unlike any man of her acquaintance…she could at the moment think of no positive point of objection against him”(246). This womanly sensation that inevitably exists in Females’ nature does not make Paula to yield. Paula doesn’t want to sacrifice and annihilate her liberty and her identity that she achieved by hard practice in music. After her Mother’s death she becomes more devoted to music which is the symbol of her true self and her autonomous identity. She prefers the dreamy world, which belongs to art and music, than the real and patriarchal world, which belongs to George and his society. She believes living in moments without music is equal to extinction, annihilation and “deterioration” (248). But George expects that Paula will be willing to give up her musical calling for “the labor of loving” instead (248). He proposes to her, never fully comprehending her devotion to her art or realizing that it could conflict with her devotion to a man. Paula, who admires George, is thrilled at his request but realizes that they must part. She doesn’t allow George to separate her from her autonomous identity; even when she comprehends that George is tempting her, she shushes him up and tells “don’t tempt me further” (249). That’s why when George wants her to answer whether she is marring him or not, she couldn’t answer him confidently and she asks George to give a one week interval to her to think. George believes that he is the ‘Subject’ and the ‘Absolute’; for him Paula is the ‘Other’ not the ‘Self’ who could have an independent identity that could decide either to get married or to stay single. He couldn’t understand Paula because her character is imperceptible and unclear for him and for his society. When Paula says that marriage has no place and no position in her life, he never understands; because the society that George belongs to is occupied with girls and women who yearn for people like George to propose or marry them; so he says “Paula listen to me; and don’t speak like a mad women”(249).

George suddenly and unexpectedly sees someone different from the girl he had known as Paula begins to talk about the purpose of her life with her “father’s emotional nature aroused in her” (249). Paula makes a passionate defense of her art, something she knows she cannot understand:

What do you know of my life,’ she exclaimed passionately. ‘What can you guess of it? Is music anything more to you than the pleasing distraction of any idle moment? Can’t you feel that with me, it courses with the blood through my veins? That it’s something dearer than life, than riches, even than love?(249)

George’s reply to this-“don’t speak like a mad woman”-betrays his incomprehension and his belief that a woman who gives herself so passionately to artistic pursuit, particularly at-the expense of a potential husband, must be insane. Until now he has known Paula only as the “daughter of the undemonstrative American woman” (249).

Paula’s abilities increase in the absence of a male muse; and her loneliness and seclusion is often itself perceived as a final revolt against the society that has refused to provide her an acceptable space within which to pursue her creative inclinations. Paula’s struggle to attain her full potential as an individual is thus best perceived as deeply related to her efforts to develop her creative abilities, to grow her art, and to discover an affirming place within her world.

In this early story, Kate Chopin explores art as a kind of divine bondage, as suggested in the epigraph, “To love and be wise is scarcely granted even to a God.” Paula does love and feels physically attracted to George but is wise in her decision not to marry him. She is an exceptional woman and has the wisdom to recognize that “the purpose of her life” would be destroyed by marrying him (249). The story, rather than focusing on Paula’s moment of public triumph, shows Paula beset with temptation in her most vulnerable moment. By choosing to become a concert pianist instead of George’s wife, Paula satisfies both her own ambitions and her parents’ and thus keeps a meaningful connection to them even in their death. Seyersted notes that “Wiser Than a God” has certain affinities with de Stael’s Corinne in George’s momentary belief that he can accept a wife who does not live solely for him and his family but that it also shows a pronounced difference in Chopin’s heroine’s ability to resist romantic temptation: “unlike the French heroine… Paula tells her suitor that life is less important to her than the unhampered exertion of what she considers her authentic calling and her true self”(105).

Paula knows herself, and thus is able to avoid the trap that marriage to George would have become for her. Self-knowledge, Chopin implies, is the most important attribute of the woman artist. By listening to her own heart and instincts, Paula turns away an inappropriate mate and gains the possibility of union with a man who is talented in his own right and who is willing to let her pursue her career to its fullest. At the end of the story, Paula is resting “after an extended and remunerative concert tour,” and Max Kunstler, her former harmony teacher, is still following her “with the ever persistent will-the dogged patience that so often wins in the end” (250).

“Wiser than a God” was a triumphant beginning to Chopin’s publishing career. Never again did Chopin present the resolution and success of the woman artist so confidently and without compromise. Paula achieves fame, wealth and love. Paula seems a kind of fantasy for Chopin, an empowering wish-fulfillment, a visualization of what the woman with artistic ambitions might accomplish. This story shows the resolution of the woman artist as Chopin wishes it to be, and it implies that a woman might achieve success and fame without having to give up everything else.

“Wiser than a God” is an example of what Julia Kristeva identifies as “an imaginary story through which she [the woman writer] constitutes an identity” (166). Chopin allows none of her other women artist characters such success, however. This indicates the realization of the autonomous female artist by indicating Paula’s increased awareness of self even within the current restrictions of her society. A woman who wishes to become an artist as well as a self-reliant individual faces a double challenge in the historical context of the story. Paula establishes the possibility that the future female artist will be able to assume a respected place within her society and to maintain productive relationships that support aesthetic creativity.

c. Woman Figure

“Wiser Than a God” contains Chopin’s most outspoken demonstration of the self-sufficient woman. It is the only story she provided with a motto and her one example of what can be considered quite overt feminism, and the picture of the girl who becomes a famous pianist suffers from the strong emphasis. (Per Seyersted 117)

The acceptable role that a patriarchal society defined for a woman is that, a woman is the mistress of the house and she has to obey her husband, and take care of the house and her children. She is only allowed to interfere with the house chores, kitchen and cuisine; as Michael Warton in his article notes that: “Culturally, women are associated with the home, defining it but, crucially not owning it” (106).

In spite of Charles insistence to marry Paula, Paula prefers her solitude and wishes to be at the service of herself rather than others. She never accepts to shoulder the responsibilities of housekeeping and motherhood. She is an emancipated woman who doesn’t care for society’s expectations and regulations. Paula largely answers to Simone de Beauvoir’s definition of the emancipated woman that is, a female who “wants to be active, a taker, and refuses the passivity man means to impose on her”; who insists on the active transcendence of a subject, the pour soi, rather than the passive immanence of an object, the en soi; and who attempts to achieve an existentialist authenticity through making a conscious choice, giving her own laws, realizing her essence, and making herself her own destiny (Seyersted 104).

Ultimately, Paula reaches her goal, that is musical profession; and in her progress she achieves fame, popularity, and independence; the factors that a feminine woman lacks (Simone de Beauvoir’s definition for a feminine woman is: the woman who lets the men decide her destiny). The pride indicated in Paula’s family name does not manifest itself in a haughty attitude toward her admirer; she is soft-spoken compared to the impetuous, youthful George who insists that she is throwing him into “a gulf… of everlasting misery.” But she speaks up when she realizes they are in two different worlds, that he represents the patriarchal view of woman, and she the view of Margaret Fuller that women so inclined should be allowed to leave aside motherhood and domesticity and instead use their wings to soar toward the transcendence of a non biological career. […]George for a moment believes he can accept a wife who lives not solely for him and his children; […], Paula tells her suitor that life is less important to her than the unhampered exertion of what she considers her authentic calling and her true self.( Seyersted 103-5)

In the story we could witness the presence of feminine Victorian woman, like Paula’s mother, who is a widow and a devoted wife. She has bestowed her life for training her child and she never remarried even after years of her husband’s death. George’s wife is the other sample of typical Victorian woman who is ironically mentioned in the last lines of the story; that she was a professional dancer but she “abandoned Virginia break-downs as incompatible with the serious offices of wifehood and matrimony” (250). So Paula, the only emancipated woman in the story, never agrees to play the role of her mother in future and she never accepts to play the role of a submissive wife for George.


Source by Motahare Mozafari

Makeup Bloggers – Make Them a New Best Friend!


The moment a new item is available to the public, they are testing it so they can bring their devoted readers or watchers the information they need to make an informed decision on whether to buy or not. Makeup bloggers are a huge asset to anyone that wears makeup, and definitely no a few things about getting professional results!

Here are some of the things they recommend on:

Exfoliation and Skin Care

With oh so may products on the market and having them be ever-changing, skin care decisions can be overwhelming. Makeup bloggers do their part to bring awareness of the best products for exfoliation and skin care to the public eye. Whether they are soaps, moisturizer, blemish care or similar items one can be they will know just what to invest in when following a popular makeup blogger that specialises in these items.

Eye Shadow Tricks

For anyone that has tried to apply shadow and get results like they see in magazines and on their favourite superstars, they know the struggle. What shade goes where on the eyelid? How much? Why is this smudging so weird? Does this look right with my outfit/eye colour/time of day? It can be very frustrating trying to get it right.

Makeup bloggers sometimes offer tutorials and also review eye shadows to let their readers or viewers know what will work best with their skin tone and type. They also describe the best tools to apply shadow and how to use them. Before long, one could be an expert at applying shadow in every situation.

Eyeliner Guides

Once eye shadow is in place, there is eyeliner to contend with. There are so many types and ways to apply eyeliner! Ask any woman and she’ll admit that this is the most difficult part of making up her face for the day or a night out on the town.

There is cat eye, flick, double flick, thin smudge, Arabic, classic bar and so many other styles for eyeliner. Learning how to apply them is just one aspect as the correct type is also a tough choice. Then there are colours! Black, brown, blue, green… it just goes on and on. A great makeup blogger will cover all these things and more to put anyone’s mind at ease.

Best Brands

Some makeup brands are amazing and some fall short. Just because a brand is the most expensive doesn’t mean it will work better than something cheap! That’s where makeup bloggers come in. They try out all the brands and keep their followers updated on how well they work and why or why not.

This saves buyers’ tons of time trying things out only to waste their hard earned money and be disappointed. Finding a popular makeup blogger is important for one’s look and their wallet!

Closing Thoughts

These are just some of the endless things one can learn from following makeup bloggers. Since they are infused into the life of makeup from the runway, to commercials and adverts to actually trying out products themselves, other than an actual makeup artist they are the best authority on what to use and how to use it well. A quick online browse will lead anyone to many a fashion and makeup blogger and then they can choose their personal favourite.


Source by Natascha Cox

Cavatina From Deer Hunter – Learn to Play Classical Guitar Sheet Music


The classical guitar solo Cavatina was composed by Stanley Myers and became the musical theme in the 1978 movie The Deer Hunter played by the famous guitarist John Williams. The solo version has became a goal for many guitarists to learn but the composition is quite difficult to play and even more difficult to play well. Here are some useful tips on how to practice this beautiful piece of classical guitar sheet music for motivated students.

What guitar teachers will tell you

If you are a classical guitar student I assume that your guitar teacher would admonish you from trying to learn this piece before you are prepared musically and have the basic guitar skills necessary to play it.

For a start it is challenging to get the balance between the melody and harmony. There are also many barre chords throughout the piece difficult for an untrained left hand to execute in a relaxed way without fatigue. The chords also make it a challenge to play and sustain the melody smoothly and with legato.

The following suggestions are based on the challenge how to learn Cavatina if you are an inexperienced note reader but a classical guitar player with a lot of motivation!

Sight reading skills

Cavatina is usually executed in a slow tempo and to a listener it might sound like an easy piece to play. But the first challenge is to read the guitar sheet music score. It is quite complicated as you have the melody line interwoven with the harmony and you have to spot the melody line among all the music notes. You will also play the music in positions high up on the fretboard making note reading even more difficult.

To help you with the note reading challenge you can buy a version of Cavatina with both the sheet music and guitar tablature notation displayed. This way of notating guitar notes has become very common and there are some advantages with this type of notation as poor sight reading skills can prevent guitar students from playing pieces that they otherwise are prepared to play.

The disadvantage with guitar tablature is that you might never learn to read guitar sheets very well having this help below the notes. Another approach is to use only the sheet music version and solve the note reading problems one bar at a time as you practice learning Cavatina and memorizing the melody.

One bar at a time

If you learn each bar of the melody separately you will experience a visible progression that will create enthusiasm and help you hold out to the end. Sometimes you will come across note reading challenges and technical difficulties that will make it necessary to concentrate on even smaller segments than a bar.

It will speed up your progress tremendously to take small segments of Cavatina that you can memorize and master immediately. Practice slowly and try to play correctly as you memorize the notes. Mistakes has the tendency to slow down your progress!

I suggest that you commit the bars and the even shorter parts you practice to memory as you go along. You will probably not anyway be able to play this classical guitar solo with the guitar sheet music in front of you!

As you master the bars you will be able to connect them and gradually play longer segments of the composition by heart. As there are many barre chords to play in the piece I strongly advice you to be careful to rest your left hand when you experience fatigue in order to prevent injuries. Playing barre chords is not related to weight lifting but rather to the art of relaxation!

Two methods

When you practice memorized bars together you should practice using both these methods:

1. Practice level. Practice with musical feeling but when you spot a mistake or a technical difficulty you will stop and concentrate on polishing these notes until you have mastered this musical passage.

2. Performance level. Play as you would do in front of real people trying to create enjoyable music. When performing you will not stop when you make a mistake but instead you will minimize the effect of a mistake and proceed with enthusiasm and self confidence.

Practicing using both these approaches will help you be more prepared to play in front of people and you will reduce stage fright having the confidence that you can master mistakes. This will help you play more relaxed and concentrate on creating music!

Cavatina is music

Cavatina is a very beautiful piece of classical music but it has to be performed musically otherwise it is just a row of notes. You have to create music when you play and in order to be prepared for this endeavor you need to listen to a good interpretation of the composition.

There are many recorded versions of Cavatina available and I suggest that you find a version you like yourself and listen to it many times first of all for you own enjoyment. Listening to the classical guitar sheet music interpreted by a good guitarist will also help you be aware of the musical context.

This consciousness will make it easier to practice music from the start which will make your practice sessions more enjoyable. You will constantly be reminded of your musical goal and will enjoy the journey as much as the accomplished goal!


Source by Peter Edvinsson

7 Tips to Help You Profit More From Your Online Business


Business owners always want to earn profits. It’s always the goal, no matter how big or small your business is. Earning good profits can be a challenge, but it’s very possible. Just be willing to study the tactics to earn good profits online. With that in mind, here are 7 tips to kickstart your profit-earning from your online business.

1. Give Back to Your Customers

Your customers will surely feel valued if your business has a loyalty or rewards programme. Giving back to your customers builds loyalty with them, and so they will keep on buying and buying your products in the long term. Maybe you can reward your customers every time they buy, say, more than £100 worth of your products. Alternatively, you could give bonuses to customers who refer your business to other people they know.

2. Hold a Christmas / Holiday Term Sale

Holding a sale for holiday seasons like Christmas is one of the best ways to make money online. Don’t worry about selling your products at a discount, because in the end you’ll drive traffic to your site, attract more customers, and make more sales. It’s also a good way to promote your business to others, as people are always attracted to products sold at cheaper prices.

3. Talk to Your Customers (via Chat Room)

Put up a chat room on your website, where your customers can talk to you, ask questions, and voice their concerns. It gives them the chance to get their questions answered immediately. As a result, your clients will feel that your business is always accessible. This way, they will trust your business even more.

4. Be Sociable (in Social Media)

Of course, having an online business means having social media accounts. Get comfortable with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social networks. Use these tools to market your products. Leverage the power of crowdsourcing: allow your followers to do the advertising for you! Your followers will make your product known through shares, retweets, and reviews on their personal accounts. The further your reach in social media, the more products you’ll sell, and the more money you’ll make. And if you get lucky, next thing you know a celebrity is already endorsing your product through their social media accounts!

5. Welcome Media Exposure

Don’t pass up any opportunity to get interviewed. This way, you can show people your expertise in your field, especially if you’re running a consulting business. Once people know you as someone who is very good at what you do, they will look up to you and trust your business. This will surely build up your customer base quickly.

6. Make Use of Webinars

Webinars are great sources of passive income. Take advantage of this and sell your products online through live webinars, where many people are listening. And if you’re in a webinar with trusted people, just like #5, people will likely trust you as well. Thus, this is another great way to expand the reach of your business.

7. Advertise on Google

You’ll have the whole world as your audience when you run an ad on Google. Nearly everyone uses Google daily, and people use Google more than any other site. Your reach will be massive!

Follow these top 7 tips to boost your earnings from your online business now! You’ll never regret them.


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Advantages Of Arcade Game Rentals


There are many different advantages to arcade game rentals. Most people need something to release their negative energy from the stress of their daily life. These types of activities usually are beneficial for individuals who need a way to get out their frustration with the problems that they are having in the world.

There are many different types of games that a person can select in order to have a good time. There are stores that specialize in allowing people to rent games for a predetermined length of time before they make a purchase. This is beneficial so that people do not have to invest a lot of money in games that do not have a lot of replay value.

There are music related games for people to play if they are interested in composing music. These games usually are popular because many hit songs are available for download. If a person is musically inclined they will usually enjoy these type of games because they can practice their musical skills.

Another option is selecting role-playing related games. These types of games are usually popular with the middle-aged crowd. The puzzle solving aspects of the games is also extremely important because people like to be mentally stimulated. Solving the puzzles is a great source of a personal accomplishment in the mind of many different gamers.

Some people enjoy sports games because they are more competitive. Any individual that likes to play a certain type of game usually likes the game because of the challenges associated with it. The replay value on a sports game is extremely high because people choose their favorite teams and try to re-create certain scenarios.

Younger children also can benefit from playing different types of games. There are many different options available from an educational standpoint. This is beneficial for the entire family because people choose to play together as a family unit and create a bonding experience in the process.

Individuals that like combat games also have a great deal of choices available to them. The simulation of combat is something that people who have an interest in war will usually enjoy. Most of the rental services have switched over to having an online component. This means that a game can be rented for as long as a person wants to hold it. This is beneficial because people can choose to complete a game before returning it.

It is clear to see that there are many different benefits to arcade game rentals. Most of these benefits have to do with the people involved not having to pay the entire price in order to a specific title. This is beneficial for almost every person that is interested in games. Nearly every person will find some type of game that they enjoy playing. The release from playing a game is usually quite interesting. The average individual will find something that they enjoy about almost every type of game on the market. Selecting a game is about understanding the personal interest of the individual that will be playing


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How to Promote A Christian T-Shirt Business – Effective and Low Cost Marketing Tips


Quite a lot of people today are turning towards Christian businesses since these are highly targeted niches that receive much success. Starting a Christian t-shirt store online can be a great way to earn additional income. However, you don’t really have to spend a lot for marketing your business. If you learn how to promote a Christian t-shirt business at low cost, it is quite possible for you to enjoy good revenues. The marketing tips that have been discussed here will provide you several helpful ideas to start with.

How to Promote A Christian t-shirt Business

• One of the best ways to promote this type of business is to get an article or an advertisement published in your local Christian newsletter or church newsletter. If your local church has a website you can also get your company promoted there so that you would be able to target a huge amount of audience. Provide a few good pictures of your t-shirts along with effective text.

• One of the best, free and the most effective way to market your business is by wearing your t-shirts yourself. If your t-shirts are unique you would certainly be generating a lot of enquiries from everyone. Hand out a few t-shirts to your family and friends so that they can wear them and advertise your business for you without shelling out any money at all.

• If you are wondering how to promote a Christian t-shirt business online then you should know that article marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods. Write articles and get them published on various article directories for free. Include a link to your website and you would be generating a lot of traffic in very less time.

• Join a few online forums for Christians and talk to others. Ask questions, leave comments on the profiles of others and answer questions regularly. Ensure that you leave your signature and a link to your website.

• Create attractive, interesting videos and post them on YouTube. This is one of the best and the most effective ways to market a t-shirt business online. Creating videos is not really difficult. If you make it personal your videos would generate even more interest and would be very effective.

• Offer good discounts and attractive schemes on a regular basis to your customers so that they would be able to take the benefit and save money.

These were only a few good and low cost methods in which you can save money while promoting your business. If you learn how to promote a Christian t-shirt business, you would be able to generate more revenues over time.


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get more followers instagram free

get more followers instagram free

With so many businesses of all sizes being aware of the benefits of social media optimization and implanting strategies to become more connected, social media is helping to forge a new era in business transparency and engagement, creating both new challenges and opportunities.

The days when companies could rely on carefully crafted press releases or flashy ad campaigns to communicate with their customers are long gone. Especially futile is an attempt to convince people that your products are the best in the field. In the age of social media, the rules have changed drastically, and people today demand a more honest and direct relationship with the companies with which they do business.

Companies now face a clear choice: wall themselves in and become increasingly controlled and hidden, or use social media and other means to reveal their human side, welcome transparency, and forge new relationships with their customers.

Below are the top four shifts that businesses are making due to social media optimization (SMO).

1. From “Trying to Sell” to “Making Connections”

The goal with SMO in most cases is not to sell more but to engage and connect with customers on a deeper level — and, as a result, through such engagement people feel more comfortable doing business with those companies.

The most popular brands in social media tend to post less about their products or services and more about things that help their customers get to know the people and personality of a company. Jeff Swartz, who is the President and CEO of the Timberland Company, is a great example of this. Swartz uses his Twitter account to show his personality by tweeting about his life and the social issues he is passionate about, rather than the shoes his company makes. He also links from his Twitter bio to Timberland’s Earthkeeper project that supports environmental awareness, rather than to the company homepage, in an effort to make a connection with people around something that goes beyond just the products Timberland sells.

Lesson: Rely less on PR tactics and grab at the opportunity to interact with your customers sincerely.

2. From “Large Campaigns” to “Small Acts”

Being able to communicate on such a wide-spanning platform also allows for small acts that express gratitude and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Sites like Facebook and Twitter provide businesses and their followers a broadcasting network, and businesses are beginning to see that rather than spending millions of dollars on traditional ad campaigns, small acts can be more valuable because people will inevitably share such experiences through the social web.

In the past, if we had a very bad or very good experience with a company, it could take days or weeks to tell all of our friends and relatives about it. Today, in a matter of minutes, we can let all our friends on Facebook or followers on Twitter know about what happened. When every customer experience can be easily and widely broadcast, small issues become extremely important.

Since bad experiences are broadcast just as fast and just as easily as the good, it pays for companies to pay attention to the one-on-one customer relationships forged via social media.

Lesson: Instead of only relying on big campaigns, make authentic, helpful relationships and communication the new campaign.

3. From “Controlling Our Image” to “Being Ourselves”

For generations businesses have stressed over the concept of image and maintaining a carefully crafted public persona. Of course companies need to have employee policies, and there is such a thing as bad press, but look at the most popular companies in the era of social media, and you’ll generally find the ones that give their employees freedom to be themselves in online spaces. The goal should no longer be to create a very controlled and polished image that everyone in a company tries to reinforce, but rather to give employees the means necessary to be human beings that can put a friendly face on the corporation.

Also important is being aware of what online perceptions of your business are. How people connect with your business dictates to a great extent the longevity and reliability of their association with your brand and service. Therefore, it’s not just about what you tell them about the business, it’s also about what political stances you take and what information you share and

Lesson: Leave the dated concept of company image behind and embrace your business’s differences and human qualities.

4. From “Hard to Reach” to “Available Everywhere”

To engage with customers, it is no longer enough to have an email address and customer service number on one’s website. Today, people want to interact with and engage businesses via their chosen means of communication, whether that is Twitter, Facebook, discussion forums, or a feedback site like Get Satisfaction.

However, this omnipresence also presents an added challenge: listening to what your customers want and implementing suggestions. Any expansive platform also adds extra responsibility to use the information gathered in a way that is both purposeful and helpful. This means that just as it is extremely important to reach this audience, it is also important to make the changes they are asking for. Keeping lines of communication open during this process is also helpful since feedback is available with every step.


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Audio Streaming! How it Works and What Are Its Advantages?


Audio streaming is the process of receiving audio signal to the computer through internet. Audio streaming differs from the regular method of internet audio. Here, in this method you need not wait for complete download of the file. You can listen to the sound or audio as soon as it reaches your computer. The data that arrives is buffered and the playback begins automatically. The audio start playing and continuously you will hear the audio as more data will be arriving constantly. For hearing the audio you need speakers/headphone or sound card.

Advantages of Audio Streaming

Nowadays, It is used in many of the websites just to keep the audience stay in their site for long hours. Since, the audio streaming takes few seconds to buffer and you will be receiving the data constantly, viewers will have great interest to listen to it. There is less chance for the viewers to switch over to another site from a site that uses audio streaming.

Streaming media is free from piracy. This is not like AVI, MPG or WMA file where you can download it, edit it and re-distribute it. Streaming media cannot be duplicated and hence it provides high security to the owner’s rights.

Through video desk you can easily know about the viewer and his interest. Through this service you can calculate the number of clicks made by the viewer, how long he/she stayed in the website and the exact amount data transferred. So, this service helps you to know about the audience and how far it reached them. This statistics will also help you to analyze the interest of the audience easily.

Uses of audio streaming

Audio technology is used in several areas including live web casts, digital music, E-learning Solutions, Online Sales Brochure and advertising. Streaming media can be played using special software and player such as Windows Media Player and Real Time Video. The newer versions of this software can be downloaded free from the sites. To hear the audio streaming without interruption you need to have faster internet connection.

Audio streaming is used by many organizations as it is less expensive. Earlier big organizations create DVD’s or Video Tapes and ship them to their branch offices abroad. Now with this advanced technology, you can send message or communicate with your branch office in any part of the world easily through websites. Streaming Digital Video allows you to communicate quickly with your customers.


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